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In-depth tutorials describing turtleSpaces syntax and grammar.

  • Tutorial #1: Simple Tree - These procedures draw a simple tree in a classic Logo lined style, and a forest of these trees. First, let’s take a look at the tree procedure as a whole. TO tree :scale slideleft 8.25 * :scale forward 20 * :scale repeat 4 [ slideleft (10 * (5 - repcount)) * :scale left 30 slideright […]


Practical examples of turtleSpaces Logo programs.

  • Solar System Simulation - This Solar System simulation features the ability to add orbiting moons to the planets, a few of which are already defined. It is not entirely to scale (the planets are larger than they are in reality). Use the scrollwheel or finger-scroll to zoom in and out, and drag the mouse to rotate around the sun! […]
  • One-a-Day: Space Tube Ride using TUBE and TUBEARC - Sometimes Myrtle needs to take a break and have a little fun! One of the things she can do is make a space tube and fly through it, using the TUBE and TUBEARC primitives: TUBE makes a straight tube, and takes the parameters <radius> <depth> and <sides>. So, tube 20 10 10 makes a tube […]
  • One-a-Day: Amiga Ball Bounce - The Commodore Amiga computer had a famous ‘bouncing ball’ demonstration program, a checkered bouncing ball. It was a bit different than this, but this is certainly reminiscent of it. We love the Amiga demo so much that we created a special checkered ball primitive, AMIGABALL, and a second ‘oid’ primitive, AMIGABALLOID, which is used to […]
  • One-a-Day: FRAG - The FRAG primitive creates a filled shape out of the current turtle position and her last two positions. For example: FD 100 RT 90 FD 100 FRAG will create a triangle. While turtleSpaces has a variety of shape primitives, sometimes you need to create an arbitrary shape, and FRAG aids you in this. Take this […]
  • Quick Play: Warped Logo Spirals - One of the best things about turtleSpaces is its capacity for discovery through play. Today I was playing with spirals: I started off by creating a simple spiral using the RARC primitive and a simple REPEAT loop. This loop uses REPCOUNT (the current repeat loop iteration) to define the radius of the arc, resulting in […]
  • Make it Rain! - TO rain reset penup hideturtle fullscreen setbackgroundcolor blue setbackgroundshade 12 make "count 0 forever [ inc "count setposition {-300 + random 600 300 -300 + random 600} make "size 0.25 + ((1 + random 20) / 20) begintag "teardrop setfillcolor pick [2 3 6 7 14] setfillshade -10 + random 20 up 90 cutsphere 10 […]
  • ‘Snake’ written in turtleSpaces Logo - TO snake ;setup: reset ;empties (erases) all containers (variables), ;returns the turtles to their default positions, ;restores their states to defaults release ;sets all the turtles, except for the default ones ;(myrtle, snappy, libby) 'free' - erasing them penup ;don't draw setbackgroundcolor lightblue hideturtle ;don't show the executing turtle (typically myrtle) stealth ;don't show up […]
  • Example: Spiral Tunnels -  TO spiraltunnelanimation reset fullscreen setbackgroundcolor 0 dropanchor penup raise 190 pullout 50 repeat 2100 [ setfillshade -15 + int (repcount / 65) setfillcolor (item 1 + remainder int (repcount / 2.35) 8 {red orange yellow green lightgreen cyan blue magenta}) voxeloid 7 12 20 orbitleft 10.1 lower 0.6 ] home lower 3000 setmodelscale 2.5 […]
  • Examples: Turtle Art - Logo is great for creating art! And 3D Logo makes it even better. Many of these Logo artworks were inspired by examples created by Seymour Papert’s daughter Artemis Papert using the two-dimensional block-based TurtleArt application developed by LCSI Logo developer Brian Silverman. We’re grateful for both of their efforts in advancing Logo over the past […]
  • Example: Fly Me to the Moon - Let’s make a rocket ship kind of like the Saturn V used in the moon landings! TO rocket ;step [rocket] ;uncomment step line above to 'step through' ;building the rocket. You will need to call ;rocket twice clearscreen penup up 90 setfillcolor red cone 10 30 12 ;create the nose cone ;cone takes three parameters: […]