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  • A Starry turtleSpaces Logo Introduction Part Three: Starwarp Improvements - In the previous episode, we created a progressively-generated starfield we moved through with the camera turtle, creating a cool flying-through-space effect. But it has a few issues we should address. Firstly, it is possible for a star to end up flying through the windscreen of our spaceship! Which is cool, but looks a bit strange. […]
  • A Starry turtleSpaces Logo Introduction Part Two: Starwarp - In this second part of our introduction to turtleSpaces Logo, we’re going to take the stars we made in the first part, and create a ‘rolling’ starfield we are going to move through using the camera turtle, to create a Star Trek-style warp effect. To create this effect, the drawing turtle, Myrtle, is going to […]
  • A Starry turtleSpaces Logo Introduction Part One: Starfield - Traditional Logo had new users build a house as an introduction, but due to turtleSpaces’ 3D nature, starfields are much more impressive, so we’ll start there. Click and drag the window above to see all the stars! Cool huh? First, we’re going to create this simple starfield that wraps around the camera position. We’ll start […]
  • How to create and 3D print a chess pawn in turtleSpaces Logo - First, open the weblogo. Then, click in the bottom right REPL area Create the ‘head’ of the pawn using the ico primitive cs penup ico 20 If you start the line with a cs, you can use the up arrow to go back to the line after adding each command (and seeing the result) to […]
  • A Fully Commented turtleSpaces Logo Listing of PONG - When I was a kid I had a home PONG machine, one of those that was sold through a department store (in this case Sears) in the late 1970s, which my Dad bought from a garage sale for $5. It was black and white, and the paddles were controlled by knobs on the front of […]
  • An Introduction to Logo Movement with Myrtle the Turtle - This catchy song introduces the turtleSpaces Logo movement primitives. This animation was made inside turtleSpaces, and demonstrates its ability to create animated content. You can use screen capture software such as ScreenFlow or the built-in SAVEWEBM primitive to export a recording of the screen, and then sync it to your music. You can also load […]
  • A Guide to 3D Printing Using turtleSpaces - This guide is in development Valid shapes: Shapes must be closed, that is they must have no exposed ‘inside’ faces. Closed shapes include: voxel, voxeloid, sphere, spheroid, icosphere, icospheroid, cappeddome, cappeddomoid, cylinder, torus, etc. Note: the cylinders used for large pen sizes (rope) are valid shapes and appear to slice correctly. Warning: open shapes will […]
  • Tutorial #1: Simple Tree - These procedures draw a simple tree in a classic Logo lined style, and a forest of these trees. First, let’s take a look at the tree procedure as a whole. TO tree :scale slideleft 8.25 * :scale forward 20 * :scale repeat 4 [ slideleft (10 * (5 - repcount)) * :scale left 30 slideright […]


Practical examples of turtleSpaces Logo programs.

  • Example: Towers of Hanoi - This rendition of Towers of Hanoi is a simple game to code and makes introductory use of 3D shapes. Recreating it could serve as a great introduction to turtleSpaces and Logo coding in general. In the game, you attempt to transfer the disks on post 1 to post 3 ending in the same order the […]
  • Example: Plane Trapped in a Torus - This example demonstrates the use of various camera-related functions, shape inversion, the premodel primitive and others to create this cool animation of a plane trapped in a torus! The procedure first sets the turtle model to the built-in plane model, before creating a tag that sets the color of the torus. Then it creates an […]
  • Rocket Orbit - This simple commented project allows for the introduction of 3D movements and shapes (the rocket procedure) including a basic introduction to repeat, the creation of turtle models and the use of premodel, an introduction to the orbit primitives and the use of a new worker (thread) for orbiting the camera! TO rocket forward 70 down […]
  • Example: Tetris written in turtleSpaces Logo - What do Steve Wozniak and George H.W. Bush have in common? They’ve both been seriously into Tetris! But who can blame them? The object of the game (as if you didn’t know) is to complete horizontal lines using falling shapes of various configurations. When you finish a line, it disappears, causing the rest of the blocks to fall down a line. However, if you stack up shapes to the […]
  • Example: Invasion (3D Space Invaders Clone) - Check out this simple space invaders clone, featuring 3D UFO’s and UFO and player movement. This runs well on both the application and in the web version using modest hardware. Rather than using hatchlings each with its own thread (worker), Invasion creates 15 static turtles representing each UFO, then iterates through moving them using the […]
  • Random Sine Wave Flowers Made With turtleSpaces Logo - This simple yet attention-grabbing Logo procedure is a real visual treat, creating random three-dimensional ‘flowers’ based on the sine function. This could spice up a math class or just provide a brief introduction to sine waves in general. The procedure makes use of the move primitive, which allows the turtle to move based on an […]
  • Simple Hexagon Pattern - Here is a simple Logo project to get started with. It creates a colorful filled hexagon pattern using the polyspot primitive. TO hex clearscreen penup ;not drawing lines repeat 10 [ ;do all of the following ten times setpos [-149 -270] ;sets the 2D turtle position (on the current Z plane) ;you can use setposition […]
  • Example: My Gosh, It’s Full of Stars! - Open in turtleSpaces IDERun starscape to create a galaxy of randomly-shaped and colored stars. TO star :radius :points :size :filled ;takes number number number boolean (true or false) ;eg star 10 9 40 false ;or star 20 5 50 true pu dropanchor tether ;pull up the turtle pen, drop the 'anchor' to set the 'anchor […]
  • Example: It’s Turtles All The Way Down! - In turtleSpaces, you can ‘stamp’ the current model, leaving a copy of it in the current position. This can be useful in some circumstances, to create artworks made out of more sophisticated models. In the case of this example, we’re going to use the default ‘myrtle’ turtle model to create a descending spiral of turtles. […]
  • One-A-Day: Qtips - Today’s example is short but sweet. It creates a design made out of a bunch of qtip-like ‘sticks’ with balls on the ends. It is a design made out of ‘almost squares’ (four sides each at an 85 degree angle to each other). The turtle then turns right 5 degrees, and slides left 20 before […]