Have a modern computer and a fast Internet connection? Consider trying our webapp!

Download turtleSpaces

The application is currently available for Windows, macOS and Linux for x64. ARM is coming soon! They are self-contained and do not need to be installed.

NEW: The downloaded applications now have the Web IDE embedded inside them! Execute the command ‘IDE’ (without quotes) from the console inside turtleSpaces and the IDE should open in your default web browser. 

Make sure to read the quick tour and browse through the reference guide. Also download some classic books to help you get the hang of Logo! Don’t worry, it’s super-easy to learn.

turtleSpaces comes with nearly four dozen demonstration programs you can tinker with! The best way to learn Logo is to play with Logo.

The application auto-updates and we will periodically push fixes to production (the end-user update channel).

We need feedback to help make turtleSpaces better! Please e-mail any thoughts or bugs to help@turtlespaces.org

Microsoft Windows

Windows will probably complain the application is unsigned the first time you open it. Don’t worry! As long as you downloaded it from turtlespaces.org you’re okay.
Download for Microsoft Windows

Apple macOS / OSX

You will need to right-click-and-Open the application on macOS the first time you run it because it is currently unsigned (but signing is on the list).
Download for Apple macOS / OSX


To run turtleSpaces in Linux you will need to make sure you’ve installed PortAudio https://reposcope.com/package/libportaudio2 (try to run it first and see if you get an error before installing PortAudio).
Download for Linux


* Write modern-looking games in an easy-to-follow computing language designed to be easy for kids to learn but powerful enough to build complex applications.

* Apple Logo II compatibility opens a library of freely available reference and learning books to provide additional opportunities of understanding while revisiting computing history. Many of the examples in these books can be easily converted to make 3D creations

* Use a number of 2D and 3D shapes to design scenery and turtle models that can be moved about and animated with ease, quickly making simple 3D games such as Breakout and Turtle Cycles then expanding to more complex fare such as Turtle gridLock

* Create dozens or even hundreds of turtles working simultanously to bring sophisticated microWorlds to life; communicate beteen them with ease to enact co-ordinated game logic; use powerful location tools to determine relative positions, accurately place turtles, restrict movement and detect collisions

* Dozens of built-in math, table and text-manipulation tools make working with numbers, words and data a snap. Zones allow for data to be stored spatially. Use a variety of modern flow-control methods and even objects!

* Switch between multiple turtleSpaces seamlessly, load and save models and scenes, define two and three-dimensional pixel grids for more conventional graphics arrays, texture objects with Minecraft-style patterns… the only limit is your imagination

* Play your creations on Windows, macOS and desktop Linux (and soon Raspberry Pi, iOS and Android)

“Low threshold… no ceiling” – Seymour Papert, the ‘father’ of Logo