Welcome to the vast universe of turtleSpaces!

Create impressive 3D models, simulations and games using a powerful yet easy-to-learn programming language designed for exploring the potential of code.

Based on the Logo programming language designed by Cynthia Solomon, Seymour Papert and others, turtleSpaces is the first such environment to have the potential to truly deliver on Papert’s vision of no threshold and no ceiling – a programming environment in which it is easy for anyone to get started building amazing things, but has the capacity to grow with the coder as they learn to create complex simulations and engaging games.

Like Python, the microworlds of turtleSpaces are best explored after some experience with Scratch. Unlike Python, turtleSpaces Logo is interactive – you can create things one instruction at a time, backtrack when you make a mistake, and assemble your creations once you’re done.

Live model view – click and drag to rotate
Changes happen instantly!

You can move the camera around freely while you build, then program the camera to move however you like. Logo gives you the ultimate creative freedom to experiment while still being powerful and sophisticated enough to build complex procedures and applications.

Start with simple yet attractive programmatic works of art.
  • Myrtle creates a 3D space tube ride for her to fly through...

As turtleSpaces is a true fluid real-time 3D environment, there is vast potential for amazement as works transform radically based on the simplest of parameter changes. Then progress into dynamic animations, where various elements behave differently, and start to interact. Finally, delve into more complex logical interactions – the beginnings of a game, perhaps – then grow it out until you’ve created a fully-fledged interactive experience of your very own!

But that’s not all. Like other Logos, turtleSpaces also features advanced string and list handling, a full array of mathematical functions, tables, databases and more.

And it doesn’t stop there.

turtleSpaces will soon be available for mobile ARM-based devices, which will allow you to take your creations with you. And a community where sharing is encouraged is on the horizon.

There is also a near-term plan for a REPL command-line version that will allow you to write Logo programs that can interact with your operating system – just like any other serious programming language. We intend to make Logo the first-class language it was always intended to be, and return it to its former glory as a mainstay of computer science education.

There truly is no ceiling with turtleSpaces!

Get started learning Logo today, and ride our turtles into your and / or your children’s future.

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