Takes:   (expressions…) (comparisons…)

Returns:   none

Placed around complex expressions or comparisons to ensure proper order of processing.

if (9 + 3 / :container) > (2 * 97) [...]


Takes:   [listitem1 listitem2 (listitem3…)]

Returns:   list

Contains a list of items, for example requests, words or numbers. These are not

evaluated unless parsed for execution, for example in a repeat.

[forward 20 right 90]
[12 34 56 78]
[pig duck cow frog]


Takes:   {listitem1 listitem2 (listitem3…)}

Returns:   list

An evaluated list contains a list of words, lists and functions that are evaluated prior to processing. Useful for making a list from the results of functions, which can then be passed other functions. Note: when storing an evaluated list into a container, the list items are generated at the time the list is stored, and are static from that point onward, in contrast with runtime-evaluated expressions, which are dynamic and updated whenever the container is recalled.

make "myposition {xpos ypos zpos}
show :myposition
[0 80 0]