A selection of videos and images taken from and created with turtleSpaces


Screenshot from ‘gridlock’ available in the examples folder distributed with turtleSpaces. It demonstrates the use of multiple turtles as both protagonist and antagonists, and world-building using turtles

Screenshot of ‘hatchtree’, distributed with turtleSpaces in the examples folder. Introduces the concept of ‘hatchlings’, ephemeral turtles that perform a task and then merge their output with the parent turtle. This technique can be used to create intricate models

‘Planet Rescue’ is an example 3D game where you scour a globe in search of stranded astronauts, while avoiding the robotic drones out to destroy them!

Screenshot of ‘Turtle Cycles’, a TRON Light Cycles clone. Uses tables to keep track of players and ‘tails’, moving camera views keep the game interesting

Screenshot of xmastree, another example. Demonstrates lighting and gradient lines and the extremes to which one can go with lines. Also the use of multiple turtles to ‘light’ the tree



Retro-styled text editor features syntax highlighting, auto-indenting, cut / paster, search and undo / redo. But you can also use whatever editor you wish, and then simply drag and drop your .lgo file on to the turtleSpaces window!

turtleSpaces features dozens of shape primitives which allow you to construct complex models and then use them as turtles! These include voxels, cylinders, cones, prisms, spheres and tori, as well as 2D shapes such as squares, quads, spots and triangles of various descriptions.

‘bop a mole’ demonstrates how you can employ mechanics to animate turtles while keeping their positions, and the freeform design of 3D game elements (like the mole)

The Logo logo rendered in turtleSpaces using shading and Z-ordered spots and lines