Introducing Spaces

Spaces contain subsets of the broader turtleSpaces primitive (keyword) set dedicated to various types of creation. They also have restricted feature sets, to enable gradual exposure to everything turtleSpaces has to offer.

You can select a Space from the menu provided by clicking on the name of the current Space (eg omniSpace) in the top-left corner of the web IDE, or by clicking on the link in the following list:

welcomeSpace (2D) – a very simple Space with only basic turtle commands and no editor

penSpace (2D) – has a simple editor and the subset of turtle pen commands

wireSpace (2D) – like penSpace but in three dimensions

artSpace (2D) – adds the ability to create fills (arbitrary 2D shapes) and other goodies

designSpace (2D) – adds shapes and text fonts

animationSpace (2D) – adds movement capabilities

physiSpace (2D) – adds 2D physics functionality

actionSpace (2D) – adds missiles, objects and other game-related functionality

textSpace – dedicated to text / list manipulation

musicSpace – dedicated to MIDI music creation

omniSpace – everything!

To come:

modelSpace (3D) – assisted 3D model creation

motionSpace (3D) – 3D animation

(simulationSpace, virtualSpace…?)

Each Space also has its own published / example database containing projects that use the keywords available in the Space.