Export STL format 3D models created in turtleSpaces 3D Logo using the SAVESTL primitive

turtleSpaces has a new primitive, SAVESTL, which can be used to export 3D models of the current turtleSpace.

savestl "modelname

creates a new folder in the current project folder (TSP) with the extension MDL (eg modelname.mdl), inside which contains STL format files, one for each color used in the space. These files can be used with other 3D applications (such as the pictured viewstl.com website), and can be 3D printed (although the sides of objects may need to be extruded using another application first, if the desire is for the objects to be hollow).

Another primitive, SETSTLLINETHICKNESS, is used to set the radius of the ropes used to represent lines in exported STL files. It takes a number.

setstllinethickness 10

Happy 3D printing!