A Guide to 3D Printing Using turtleSpaces

This guide is in development

Turtle Pen:

In the 3D turtleSpaces environment, pen sizes greater than 1 create cylinders.

setpensize 20

There is also a square pen style more suitable for 3D printing flat objects called mark. To activate it, type:

setpenstyle “mark

mark is two-dimensional by default. But you can increase its depth by setting pendepth using:

setpendepth 20

Valid shapes:

Shapes must be closed, that is they must have no exposed ‘inside’ faces. Closed shapes include:

voxel, voxeloid, sphere, spheroid, icosphere, icospheroid, cappeddome, cappeddomoid, cylinder, torus, etc.

Note: the cylinders used for large pen sizes (rope) are valid shapes and appear to slice correctly.

Warning: open shapes will be rejected by your 3D printer’s ‘slicing’ software!

Making hollow forms:

To create a ‘hollow’ form, an inverted shape must be created within the outer shape. For example:

ico 50 ico -40


voxel 100 fd 90 lo 90 sr 90 voxel -80

cone 50 100 10 rr 180 ra 10 cone 40 -80 10