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Simple API for sending data to turtles?


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Long term - Something to think about - use case: I have a Midi player app and I want to send data to turtles from the app.  You can limit the messages as needed but it can enable graphics sync'd to music.  Or have a way for Turtlespaces to send messages to apps that register with it to receive notifications of specific events, and have a way to code push notifications that go out to registered apps.  Then think about network messages on the decentralized internet using a peer-to-peer protocol like

Then take a nap and write down what you think of when you wake up.

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The simplest thing we can implement right now would be a telnet socket that when connected to would create a new 'worker' that could then be fed instructions over the socket as if you were pasting them in the interactive prompt (except without showing that pasting). So you could just update variables with make, move turtles as required, add / change procedures etc.


It's on the list 🙂 


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That's great to hear!  A socket would work fine.

Thanks Auntie Myrtle,

Uncle Fester